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Have you ever before wanted to be considered a super star chef that operates your own kitchen, sporting against the time clock to gratify the culinary needs of your impatient customers at breakneck tempo? Well Cooking Dash 2016 by Glu Mobile will provide you with the opportunity to do exactly that! Cooking Dash 2016 is a free of charge to try out time management game that has you, the relative head chef, racing around a kitchen trying to get ready all the foodstuffs that your paying customers demand in only a small amount time as you possibly can. It’s very similar to the diner dash series, if you have ever before played out some of those video games you should feel right at home here then. Cooking Dash 2016 has received over one million downloads on the Google Play Apple and Store iTunes, and comes with an overall score of 4 presently.1 out of 5 stars. The purpose of the overall game seems not difficult right? Just make the meals the customers require and take it to them within the allotted time. Well as easy as which may appear, it is not simple. Once again customers come in you will be making 4 different dishes simultaneously, with two available stoves, more customers to arrive and putting purchases, and old customers becoming frustrated along not getting ready their food fast enough, creating those to leave. (Really man, you can’t wait around more than 30 moments for me personally to prepare food you a steak supper? You are hoped by me like your meats uncommon. ) It is a sizable game fairly, with a huge selection of a great deal and degree of different restaurants to work in. Cooking Dash 2016 can be linked to both your Facebook and Google Play Games accounts. Signing into both is an easy process that will add more to your current action experience. Signing together with Facebook gives you to contend with friends to see who gets the best food preparation skills looked after will provide you with a free rare metal reward allowing you to connect the application back. Signing within Google Play Game titles will provide you with usage of 15 different successes and online leaderboards as well as letting you save your valuable game to the cloud to enable you to get access to it across multiple devices.

Are you relaxing there participating in Cooking Dash 2016? If you’re, then you almost certainly have pointed out that you will desire a whole lot of cash and platinum to complete the game. When you can get these things through the software store, it can cost money, which gets expensive quickly really. At AppsLegend, we’ve added a free of charge hack tool for Cooking Dash 2016, gives you rare metal and cash. In the event that you go through the image of the Cooking Dash 2016 hack tool below, you shall observe that your options menu is easy, and you’ll see where you can input the values for coins and gold. Our hacks are no review , nor need a APK or jailbreak main. If you want to download the hack tool click on the download button below just. Download the free Cooking Dash 2016 hack tool from our website simply, which takes about 30 seconds, which hack installs following the download automatically. You then should select which device you are employing to play, such as Android and iOS. After that you can enter the levels of coins and dozer dollars that you would like to increase your account. No root or study APK needed! Simply press “Start” to get started the hack tool process, which will need 40 seconds or less to complete. After the hack tool has done, you can start the overall game as normal and you’ll observe that the cash and gold already are on your accounts.


The first few degrees of Cooking Dash 2016 will easily start you of rather, with just a few customers requesting to be offered at the same time and just a few different meals they are asking for. The overall game quickly escalated in difficulty after that however. The levels are more and much more hectic as more dishes and customers are introduced it only gets worse. You start with just steak to serve and then are introduced to more foods to get ready, such as shrimp, chicken, and grilled vegetables. To prepare food the food the thing is that what each customer desires, bring the meals to the grill, await it to complete baking, and then take it over to the client who’ll leave you money after they have finished. The goals of the known levels is to acquire a certain amount of money before the timer runs out. Once you’ve completed the particular level you’ll be given a score of 1 to five stars based how you performed and when you can have the ability to achieve a 5 star score then you’ll also get a bonus reward. In the event that you accidentally cook the incorrect dish or overcook something you will need to get rid of it in the garbage bin that will also make you lose cash as well as impacting your report. Cooking Dash 2016 is a free of charge to try out game and after participating in it for some time it’ll become very difficult to keep without paying real cash. You aren’t given practically enough cash or silver (the video games two kinds of in application money) from defeating the levels to get some good of the later improvements that you’ll need if you intend on achieving success in the overall game. So although this is officially a free of charge to experiment with game, plan on spending some real money if you wish to play the game to its fullest extent actually.

Cooking Dash 2016 happens to be relaxing at version 1.0.6 and works on both ios and android cell phones and tablets. It can require that you possess either an android device with android version 4.0 snow cream sandwich or later or an ios device operating at least ios 7 or later meaning it is merely playable on newer devices. Cooking Dash 2016 has a huge amount of in iphone app purchases designed for its two different in software currencies, gold and coins. These buys are almost necessary to become in a position to defeat every one of the known levels in the overall game. For gold purchases there’s a $0.99 option that are certain to get you 10 platinum, a $2.99 option that are certain to get you 35 platinum, two $9.99 options that are certain to get you 125 or 188 yellow metal respectively, a $19.99 option that are certain to get you 450 precious metal, two $49.99 options that are certain to get you 1000 or 1500 silver, two $99.99 options that are certain to get you 2500 or 3750 yellow metal, and a $49.99 option that are certain to get you 125000 cash as well as 400 silver. I am uncertain just why there are multiple, same charged options that provide you different levels of yellow metal and there appears to be no benefit which will get the main one with less platinum if you will spend the amount of money I recommend purchasing the one with rare metal. For the gold coin purchases there’s a $0.99 option that are certain to get you 2500 cash, a $2.99 option that are certain to get you 8000 cash, a $4.99 option that are certain to get you 15000 cash, a $9.99 option that are certain to get you 35000 cash, a $24.99 option that are certain to get you 125000 cash, and a $49.99 option that are certain to get you 400000 cash.

While there are no ways to cheat in Cooking Dash 2016 actually, there are very a few stunts and strategies that may be followed to become more lucrative in the overall game. Keeping active through the known levels is key. This is a time management game so effectively manage your time, will have something being cooked or prepared and always be certain to keep your chef active so you do not fall behind on the orders. Always be sure to have vegetables being prepared if nobody is currently ordering them even. Vegetables will vary from the meats as they need to be chopped up before they could be grilled meaning they’ll take longer to make than the meats. If you always are experiencing it well prepared then you’ll be able to own it cooked and offered equally quickly as the several meats which can only help out tons if you are being bombarded my multiple customers who are working out of fortitude. Always make certain to use the resting areas. Continually be cooking something and whenever something is performed, if somebody hasn’t ordered it rather than losing it just stick it on the resting area and await somebody to order it. this can save you a big timeframe when rather than having to make somebody something right away, you hold the dish they need completed already.

Whenever a new menu item is introduced practically every customer will want to order it, so once you have a fresh item, make sure you are rendering it to save yourself time constantly. Personally, i thought that Cooking Dash 2016 was a great to experience game and I must say i enjoyed the overly busy game play. I came across it slightly irritating how hard it is to level up your meal and equipment without spending money on in application acquisitions, making it impossible to succeed in the game without spending real money nearly. This game may be absolve to play, but it is a pay to win game definitely. Besides that however, the buttons and menus all looked nice, and the other visuals in the overall game were come up with very well. It is an extremely bright, colorful game and I could tell that the developers really put lots of time into making the overall game look nice. The overall game play is very clean without lag or stuttering whatsoever always. I liked the method that you unlock new also, nicer restaurants as you progress through the overall game, offering you a feeling of job development for your persona as the ladder is climbed by these to chef stardom. The cut scenes of your chef speaking with more famous chefs who complimented your success as you have farther in to the game was also a good touch for me. This is a fairly easy game to learn through the first few levels into but I liked the way the difficulty level spiked soon after that. The sound files and overly busy action really allowed one to get absorbed in to the game and made the knowledge much more enjoyable, albeit more annoying sometimes, but I experienced that it certainly helped create the chaotic atmosphere of owning a active restaurant kitchen by yourself.



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